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WHEELS MFG MANUFACTURING - boitier de pedalier Press Fit BB30 roulement Enduro standard noir

WHEELS MFG MANUFACTURING - boitier de pedalier Press Fit BB30 roulement Enduro standard noir

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Boiter de pedalier Press fit BB30 pour les pedaliers a axe BB30

Roulement haut de gamme ENDURO

Aluminium, finition noir


Plus de détails en anglais provenant du site du fabricant


Direct replacement for SRAM, FSA, and other PressFit 30 bottom brackets!

  • Made in the USA
  • Black anodized, machined aluminum shell
  • Enduro 6806 OS (30mm ID) ABEC 3 sealed bearings
  • 12% increase in static load rating compared to standard 6806 bearings
  • Dual silicone seal keeps the contamination out for longer life
  • Adaptable BB to fit PressFit 30 specific frames (46mm ID) with shell widths from 61mm to 86.5mm
  • Will accept current 30mm spindle cranksets, as well as 24mm cranksets using Wheels Mfg. adapter shims
  • Packaged for retail display


Technical informations

Radial deep groove bearings that have 5/32" Grade 20 balls, the largest in the industry, resulting in a 12% increase in static load compared to standard 6806 bearings. Dirt is kept out by no less than two double lip seal systems from the outside elements. The bearing seals are dual lip, groove type seals rather than standard 2RS types that other manufacturers use; one lip to keep the dirt out and the other to keep the 90% grease fill inside.

Bearings are filled both sides with Mobil HP 222 synthetic grease for the best protection and long lasting set up. Another external seal with dual lips on both sides and made from the best Silicone material guards from water and dirt penetration.


Montage instrctions


Wheels Mfg PressFit 30 with Enduro bearings install instructions (PF30-BB, PF30-BB-AC, PF30-BB-CER)
  1. Using the proper tools, or in many cases the palms of your hands with a rag, push the bearing cup assemblies into the frameset. Be sure the flanges are flush up against the frameset and perpendicular. Greasing outside of cups is optional.
  2. Cup fit inside frame should be snug, without allowing any play. If play in the cup/frame interface exists, use of liquid teflon or similar retaining compound applied to the outside of the cups may be required.
  3. Install your crankset according to manufacturer’s specifications.

PF30 Installation 1 

Use PRESS-4 to press right cup in to frame.

PF30 Installation 2

Tighten until flanges contact outer face of frame.
No need to over-tighten cups

PF30 Installation 3

Use PRESS-4 to press left cup in to frame.

PF30 Installation 4

PressFit 30 bottom bracket in frame.

Informations complémentaires

Fabricant WHEELS MFG
Type d'axe Sans axe
Filetage Press-fit 30
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